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So we found out yesterday that my dad will be having heart surgery today so...yeah.

The drama class's performance is canceled due to handwavey unforeseen occurrences. You all got A's.
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Lito had intended to head to the school to hold office hours this afternoon, but Daniela had grabbed him by the arm and dragged him back when he told her where he was going. "No, no, no," she'd insisted, "you have to stay here with me, it's the Madrid Derby today and you're way better to watch football with than Hernando."

"I like watching football with Hernando," Lito protested, wounded on Hernando's behalf.

"I do, too, I just could do with a little less about the poetry of that pass and a little more about the poetry of Cristiano Ronaldo's face and his thighs that could kill a man, is all," Daniela said.

Lito considered this. "Fair enough. I'll get the drinks." Daniela cheered and hurried to claim the best spot on the sofa.

((Open to anyone who wants to drop by!))
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Daniela was keeping Lito company in his office today, alternating between sending Hernando photos of everything about the school and leafing through his books because she couldn't believe he hadn't picked out a play for his class to perform yet, "Lito, it's October already, God."

"What about Romeo and Juliet?"

"Everyone does Romeo and Juliet," he pointed out.

"What about Titus Andronicus? No one does that one!" He just stared at her. "What?"

"Have you read Titus Andronicus?!"

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Aug. 25th, 2015 09:08 am
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"Hola, usted ha llegado a Lito Rodríguez. Si usted tiene una consulta de negocios, por favor llame a mi agente. De lo contrario, deje su mensaje después del tono.

"Hello, you've reached Lito Rodríguez. If you have a business inquiry, please contact my agent. Otherwise, leave your message after the tone."

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What's that? Another excuse to use this icon An excuse to post a lot of gifs of Miguel Angel Silvestre's face Infopost time? Don't mind if I do!

(Before I get on with it I should note there are a couple of fairly NSFW gifs in this entry. No bits, but quite a bit of skin. Also, there is discussion of a suicide attempt in the character section.)

The Canon: Going Full Fanfic )

The Character: Lito Rodriguez )

Dear Radio People: if you don't read any of the rest of this infopost, please read this next part, as it contains information on how Lito's perception of the world differs from what an outside observer, such as a squirrel, sees. I will do my best to note this whenever it happens, but I can't guarantee I'll always remember, so I want to explain up front, too.

Sensating And You )

Oh, and as far as the username goes...

For information on my other characters, you can go here and here!

Aaaand I think that's about everything.


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